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Order vs Chaos in Medical Practice

As patients look at their experiences within the medical system and profession, do you think they find a system that is well thought out and is practiced in an orderly fashion to facilitate the basic premise of medicine to care appropriately for those who are ill?  On the other hand, there is always the potential for chaotic disorder when dealing with uncertainties of disease and humans on both sides of the medical relationship. Is there evidence of chaos characterized by unsystematic medical practice which can lead to serious medical errors, higher cost of medical care and inattention to humanistic aspects of patient care?  If patients find significant chaos imbedded within the medical system, what might the patients’ opinions be regarding the cause of chaos and what might be the remedy to establish order?  Do you think that something is missing in student medical education or the medical system itself to properly deal with the aspects of diagnosis, treatment and general patient  care which, if attended to might diminish the effects of such lack of order? 

On the other hand, does the medical system seem quite properly functioning with signs of disorder either absent or properly managed to the benefit of the patient?  What is a patient’s view?  ..Maurice.
Graphic: Order and Chaos painted by me 2916 with ArtRage

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