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BioethicsTV (November 2016) Continued: Further commentary on Informed Consent

by Abhi Amarnani

Chicago Med (Season 2, Episode 8, 11/10/16).

A December 1st BIOETHICSTV blog post briefly mentioned, Season 2, Episode 8 of Chicago Med. The post notes that the episode dealt with the issues of informed consent in brief. I felt that a more in-depth discussion of these issues was warranted. Consider the storylines in the episode: A young girl with a developmental disorder needs cardiac surgery. Her condition forces her mother to question whether the girl can make decisions for surgery. Second, Nurse April was coughing at the end of episode 7, and viewers learned that she is diagnosed with multidrug resistant tuberculosis (TB). Adding to this challenge is a confirmation of pregnancy. Her colleagues question her personal autonomy when she considers refusing treatment. Third, a patient dying from kidney disease is not allowed by hospital policy and law to accept a transplant from his HIV+ brother. The message is that death from organ failure is preferable to a longer life with HIV. By the end of the episode, Dr. Manning leaves a syringe on the table stating: “If you already had HIV, the procedure would be legal,” insinuating a workaround – that if the patient infects himself with his brother’s blood, then the transplant can happen. The donor and recipient acknowledge fully informed consent that receiving an HIV positive organ will infect him, but here the informed consent consideration comes up against the “do no harm” principle of medicine and United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) policy.

In the first storyline, a friendly, bubbly and trusting teenage girl, Karina, enters the hospital with cardiac issues.

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