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Bioethics Fellows Look Forward

As 2016 approaches its end, many are reflecting back on a socio-politically momentous year, and wondering what it may be prologue to in 2017. Bioethics scholars are no different, considering how their areas of research may evolve in response to new policies or shifting priorities, and what novel methods they can use to contribute to a healthy national dialogue. Some progress began on these points at a recent reunion of past and present participants in the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics fellowship programs, as they joined in discussion with established thought leaders in the field of bioethics, as well as documentary filmmakers and other innovative communications professionals.


Gail Geller

“It was inspiring to see the energy and passion evident among these scholars and filmmakers, coming at issues with different methods but similar understanding of their importance, and what could be gained from working with each other,” said Gail Geller, Director of Educational Initiatives at the Berman Institute and organizer of the reunion.


The interdisciplinary group gathered at the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf in Baltimore on December 6. Former participants in the Greenwall Fellowship program and past and present Hecht-Levi Fellows began by taking a turn describing where their career and the fellowship program has brought them thus far, and what they consider the most important bioethics issues for the future. While the concerns cited were as diverse as the field of bioethics and its practitioners, many expressed their desire to leave abstraction and the so-called ivory tower behind and contribute practically to society.

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