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Understanding the Ethics & Value of Higher Education

Johns Hopkins faculty have been awarded funding for nine projects in the area of practical ethics, underway in 2016. The first recipients in the JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics program will examine a wide range of subject areas, including criminal justice, higher education, behavioral economics, and environmentalism.


Preliminary results from these nine projects will be presented in a symposium on January 24th, 2016. Leading up to this event, our Amelia Hood spoke to each project team to learn more about their work in practical ethics.


Link for more information on the Exploration of Practical Ethics symposium, Free registration will be available soon.



Erik Helzer, PhD, and Andrew Talle, PhD, have been awarded funding by the JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics program for their project titled “Understanding the Ethics and Value of Higher Education: When is Specialized Training ‘Worth It’?” Dr. Helzer, from the Carey Business School, and Dr. Talle, of the Peabody Institute, are collaborating to develop a framework for understanding the ethical commitments of educational organizations that provide specialized training in fields where stable job opportunities are sparse and future pecuniary rewards are uncertain, and to administer a broad survey of Peabody alumni assessing the perceived value of their education. The proposed project is an exciting opportunity to develop metrics of educational value that are not easily summarized by quantitative methods, and to apply ethics to practical questions that are of interest to scholars, education administrators, policy makers, and citizens.


Here, Drs. Helzer and Talle answer our questions on the project.

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