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Reflections on Egg Donation in Canada

Claire Burns recommends legal and practical changes for promoting the ethical treatment of egg donors within Canada.


Have you heard? The Government of Canada plans to introduce regulations to support the Assisted Human Reproduction Act of 2004! Amazing! I’m jumping for joy! After more than 12 years, the government may finally make good on its promise to protect the interests of women involved in assisted reproduction.

I’m Claire, and I am an egg donor.  I am also an egg donor advocate. Much of my advocacy work is done through the We are Egg Donors website. As part of that work, sometimes I get asked to be speak on the radio or to talk to journalists. ALWAYS I am asked, “how much do you think egg donors should get paid?” Often the question is asked as if it’s news that women are getting paid to sell parts of their bodies. Yeah. That’s a real modern day news story.  Let me tell you Canada, illegal payments and reimbursement to so-called ‘donors’ is only the TIP of the ethical iceberg. Swim deep here with me friends, swim deep.

According to the Government notice from Health Canada, the Assisted Human Reproduction Act “was written to be a comprehensive legislative framework to help protect and promote the health, safety, dignity and rights of individuals who use or are born of assisted human reproductive technologies in Canada.” The problem with this statement is that egg donors don’t technically USE assisted human reproductive technologies. Rather, reproductive technologies are USED on us.

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