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Ethics & Society Newsfeed: November 11, 2016

President-Elect Trump and Ethics

Trump and Pence on science, in their own words
Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s career and campaign track record of false claims about science, rejection of research conclusions and dangerous rhetoric on misconceptions such as vaccines and autism

Donald Trump Will Face Unprecedented Ethics Decisions as President
Conflicts of interest between Donald Trump’s business interests and his presidency

Ethics laws don’t require Trump to give up control of his ‘unprecedented’ portfolio
Donald Trump has no legal requirement to forfeit control of his businesses

Trump left something out of his Obamacare speech — the 21 million his plan leaves uninsured
The public health consequences of Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare

Why women are making gynecologist appointments post-election
American women fear for birth control costs and access to health services like Planned Parenthood under a Donald Trump presidency

A Trump Bioethics Commission?
The future of a conservative, president-appointed bioethics commissions and where bioethics will stand

After the Election Bioethics Faces a Rocky Road
Addressing the future of academic bioethics through Donald Trump and conservative ideologies


People are tougher on poor, pregnant opioid addicts than well-off ones
Stigma in the American opioid academic experienced by pregnant women

The Ethics of Hunting Down ‘Patient Zero’
“Patient Zero” of the American AIDS epidemic has been exonerated and the ethics behind stigmatizing other “patient zeros”

Human–Animal Embryos: A Potential New Source of Transplant Organs
Scientists moving toward growing replacement parts for people through pigs, cows and other animals

Should family members of those with mental illness have access to their health information?

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