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Court Orders Hospital to “Treat” Dead Patient

On November 11, Onkarbir Singh Toor suffered cardiac arrest at his home and was rushed to Vancouver’s St. Paul hospital.  


Two days later, the hospital advised his wife, Raspaul Kaur Toor, that three physicians had assessed her husband as brain dead.  The hospital told her that it was contrary to the medical code to continue to provide treatment to a patient who had been declared clinically dead.


On Monday, Mrs. Toor went to court.  B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elaine Adair granted an order restraining the hospital and its physicians and staff from discontinuing the health care being provided to Toor.

The order is good until Wednesday, when the case is expected to be back in court to hear the merits of the family’s application to keep an injunction in place for at least four weeks to allow Toor a chance to recover.

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