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CFP: KIEJ Special Issue on the 2016 Election

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal will be publishing a special volume on ethical and social issues arising out of the 2016 presidential election and the transition to the Trump administration. Papers will be anonymously reviewed and judged according to the scholarly standards typical for the journal, without regard to political orientation. Creativity in form and approach is encouraged.

Among other topics, contributions may explore ethical and social questions concerning:

  • The election and campaign, including campaign propaganda, voter enfranchisement, districting and the electoral college, voter demographics and divisions, ‘filter bubbles’ and media access, etc.
  • The ethical limits and possibilities for protest, resistance, and managing conflict in a divided nation, including questions surrounding the proper place of violence, if any.
  • The rise of nationalist, white supremacist, and Islamophobic rhetoric and activism during this election season.
  • Public allegations of sexual assault, and the politicization of those allegations.
  • The rise of the ‘forgotten white working class’ in reality and in rhetoric.
  • What to expect from a Trump administration, including explorations of his particular proposals (on immigration, Muslim registries, abortion, and so forth).

Papers may be of any length, up to approximately 10,000 words. Short pieces are encouraged.

In order to make this issue timely, we are requesting submissions by February 28, 2017. Papers will be published online and open-access by June 2017.

Please direct any inquiries to Rebecca Kukla, Editor-in-Chief, or to Hailey Huget, Managing Editor, Papers should be submitted both via the journal’s online submission system and by email to, with a note saying that they are for the special issue.

The views, opinions and positions expressed by these authors and blogs are theirs and do not necessarily represent that of the Bioethics Research Library and Kennedy Institute of Ethics or Georgetown University.