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Book Forum — Emily Yates-Doerr’s “The Weight of Obesity: Hunger and Global Health in Postwar Guatemala” by Rebeca Ibáñez Martín

It is a pleasure to convene this forum for The Weight of Obesity: Hunger and Global Health in Postwar Guatemala. Marianne de Laet, Simon Cohn, and Jeannette Pols, have provided spirited commentaries on Emily Yates-Doerr’s ethnography of metrics, weight, and care in highland Guatemala. The author’s talent to illustrate the complex choreographies that produce the problem of obesity makes this a truly delightful piece of work to collectively unpack. We hope you enjoy the discussion.

The Forum:

Rebeca Ibáñez Martín
University of Amsterdam

Marianne de Laet
Harvey Mudd College

Simon Cohn
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Jeannette Pols
Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam

A reply by
Emily Yates-Doerr
University of Amsterdam


Download the PDF or read on Scribd:

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