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A Trump Bioethics Commission?

As the Presidential race finishes with President-elect Trump as the victor, questions of different commissions’ steady life come into play. For the bioethical community, the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues is one that might suffer under the new administration.

Bioethics as a legitimate issue has been on the President’s ear since 1974 when the National Commission was created. Only under President George H.W. Bush, was there no commission whatsoever. And even though the issues the commissions raised up weren’t apparent when the Presidents ran for office, they all emerged during their administration; and because of public demand for answers such commissions were created. This begs the question: will some issue emerge that will stimulate the Trump administration to create a bioethics body?

Let’s remember that these Commissions are created and abolished by the stroke of a pen; and even if their existence is on a thin line or they may exist for a short period of time, their contributions help shape the different bioethical issues that arise in their time and their recommendations last a lifetime of discussion.

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