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Quinlan at 40: Exploring the Right to Die in the US

Join me on November 11 at the new Georgia State University Law School building, for an all-day conference “Quinlan at 40: Exploring the Right to Die in the US.” 

Also speaking are

  • Margaret Battin
  • Alan Meisel
  • Michele Bratcher Goodwin
  • Mary Crossley
  • Marshall Kap
  • Paul Lombardo
  • Erin Fuse Brown
  • Dean Karampelas 
  • Sylvia B. Caley
  • Samantha R. Johnson

In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the landmark case, In Re Quinlan, Georgia State University Law Review’s 2016-17 Symposium will explore the state of end-of-life decision-making in the United States from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11.

Quinlan was the first major judicial decision to hold that life-sustaining medical treatments may be discontinued, even when the patient lacks capacity. Experts in law, medicine and bioethics will discuss how law and science have evolved and how those changes impact patients’ and surrogates’ decisions.

Through this symposium, Georgia State Law Review seeks to initiate a legal but accessible conversation regarding these emerging, important questions and produce scholarly articles that will serve as a foundation for future conversations. The symposium features four panels and a keynote speaker during lunch.

The symposium has been approved for (5) general CLE credits, one (1) professionalism credit, and one (1) ethics credit. Admission is $30 plus the cost of any additional CLE/professionalism credits.*  The Center for Law, Health & Society is co-sponsoring this event.

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