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Constitutionality of Texas Advance Directives Act – Kelly v. Methodist Hospital

For the first time, a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Texas Advance Directives Act is actually headed toward adjudication on the merits.  

Chris Dunn
Kelly v. Methodist Hospital, No. 2015-69681 (Harris County, Tex.) is scheduled for trial in January.  But the plaintiffs are now seeking a ruling even before that.  They have just filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that there is no need for a trial.  The relevant facts are undisputed.  

Therefore, the judge faces a question of pure law:  do the conflict resolution provisions in TADA violate procedural and substantive due process.  As I have argued in several publications, they probably do.  But plaintiffs may have trouble establishing that Houston Methodist, a private hospital, was engaged in “state action.”

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