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Who Cares if the Emperor is Immodestly Attired: An Exploration of the Trustworthiness of Biomedical Research

Everyone acknowledges the need for biomedical research to enjoy the public’s trust that it continuously solicits and receives. An ethical precondition of soliciting trust is knowing the extent to which that trust is deserved. What makes biomedical research deserving of the public trust requires in-depth attention. This session will review three different criteria of trustworthiness in research – reliability, social value, and ethical conduct – to explore the extent to which the biomedical research enterprise warrants public trust.

Mark Yarborough, PhD, is Professor of General Medicine and Geriatrics and Dean’s Professor of Bioethics in the Bioethics Program at the University of California, Davis.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Time TBD
3647 Peel St., Room 102

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