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Extremis – new Netflix Documentary

Netflix’s latest offering, the documentary “Extremis,” puts a harsh truth that most people would rather avoid up front and center.  “Here’s the reality: we’re all going to die,” said Jessica Zitter, a doctor in Oakland, Ca. who’s the main physician subject of the new film. “And it’s good to have a little bit of a say in how.”  (Marketwatch)

“Extremis” is an attempt to capture end-of-life stories despite the “potentially scary and a little uncomfortable.” Being a doctor is about trying to keep patients alive, but in certain cases, especially in the ICU, those medical efforts leave patients “tethered to the machinery, and their bodies can’t bounce back.” “They’re living the rest of their lives on machines.” “They can no longer talk or eat or live at home. And for a lot of people, this is not an acceptable way to live their lives.”

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