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ASBH 2016 in Washington DC

ASBH 2016 begins for me, one week from today, with a Board meeting of the American Society for Bioethics + Humanities.

I look forward to engaging with more than 1000 healthcare professionals, educators, consultants, and others who have an interest in the field of clinical and academic bioethics and the health-related humanities.

Here are a few sessions that I will presenting or attending.

THURSDAY 1:30 TO 2:30 PM
Shared Decision-Making, Futility, and Responding to Requests for Inappropriate Treatment: Helping Clinical Ethicists Participate in Implementation of International Policy Recommendations

THURSDAY 2:45 TO 3:45 PM
Medical Futility and Involuntary Passive Euthanasia

FRIDAY 10:45 TO 12:15 PM
The Patient Would Like to Eat Something: VSED and a Puzzle of Autonomy

FRIDAY 2:20 TO 3:20 PM
Dead Wrong? Ethical Implications of Misdiagnoses in Brain Death and the Vegetative State

SATURDAY 8:00 TO 9:00 AM
Legal Update 2016: Top 10 Legal Developments in Bioethics

SATURDAY 10:45 TO 11:15 AM
Bioethicists Must Engage the Public: Using Social Media to Advance Public Literacy in Bioethics

SATURDAY 3:15 TO 4:15 PM
Community Ethics Committee: Thoughts on VSED

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