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Top of the Heap: Zoë H. Wool by Hannah Gibson

For this installment of the Top of the Heap series, I spoke with Zoë H. Wool, who is a medical anthropologist and assistant professor at Rice University in Texas.

The invitation to contribute to the Top of the Heap felt like such a treat…and then sent me into a tailspin of professional anxiety (Alexander I. Stingl laid out the dilemma of the decision in his recent contribution). I was tempted to take the most literal approach, since I am, despite my love of orderly library shelves, a heaper of books.

Should I simply snatch the tops off a few of my many heaps, growing like stalagmites on the flat surfaces of my home and office and give you David Mitchell’s The Biopolitics of Disability, Roy Scranton’s War Porn, and the Linen Source summer blowout catalogue? But what about all the rich material exposed by such gross heaptop removal? Hellooooo, down there! I promise to return to you, Queer Disability Anthology! And I’m sorry that you are smothered by a still shrink-wrapped copy of Habeas Viscus, my moldy copy of The Elementary Structures of Kinship, and that feathery pile of conference receipts overdue for reimbursement filing!

No. Better to begin by thinking about thinking. So here are some books that I’m reading, rereading, or about to read, as I think about bodies, and their problems, kinds, and attendant obligations, both in relation to courses I’m teaching on disability, illness, and enhancement and in relation to a new project I’ve been incubating for a few years.

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