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Law of Brain Death in Los Angeles,California

With the media attention on the latest developments in the Israel Stinson case, it might be worth refreshing on the basics of the law of brain death in California.  

Here is a video of a 2015 Los Angeles conference where I explained the history and basics of the two controlling statutes.  

Below that, I include references to more recent articles and resources I prepared.  I will be speaking on the law of brain death this fall at (1) the University of Kansas Medical Center, (2) the University of Minnesota, and (3) Cedars Sinai.  

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Brain Death Articles by Thaddeus Pope

  • Physicians’ Opinions About Accommodating Religiously Based Requests for Continued Life-Sustaining Treatment, 51 JOURNAL OF PAIN AND SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT (forthcoming 2016).
  • Brain Death Rejected: Expanding Legal Duties to Accommodate Religious Objections, in LAW, RELIGION, AND AMERICAN HEALTH CARE (Cambridge University Press forthcoming 2016) (proceedings from 2015 Petrie-Flom Center Annual Conference at Harvard Law).
  • Legal Standards for Brain Death, 13 JOURNAL OF BIOETHICAL INQUIRY 173-178 (2016).
  • Brain Death: Legal Duties to Accommodate Religious Objections, 148(2) CHEST e69 (2015).
  • Brain Death: Legal Obligations and the Courts, 35(2) SEMINARS IN CLINICAL NEUROLOGY: THE CLINICAL PRACTICE OF BRAIN DEATH DETERMINATION 174-179 (2015) (with Christopher M. Burkle).
  • Legal Briefing: Brain Death and Total Brain Failure, 25(3) JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ETHICS 245-257 (2014).
  • Chapter 6, in THE RIGHT TO DIE: THE LAW OF END-OF-LIFE DECISIONMAKING (3rd ed. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business) (with Alan Meisel & Kathy L. Cerminara) (commencing with the 2016 supplement).

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