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One Hundred Washington State Hospital Policies on End-of-Life Treatment

Two years ago, Washington state passed a rule requiring hospitals to post their policies on end-of-life care.  I blogged about the policies here.

Unfortunately, the state website was not a model of clarity.  Consequently, the ACLU, End-of-Life Washington, and others launched a new website, ClearHealth Washington, to decode the often murky policies.

“Providing this information at the service level, we think this is a clear and more useful way for information to be used by consumers, so that they know where they can access the services that they need,” said Margaret Chen, staff attorney at the ACLU of Washington.  (HT KPLU)

Unfortunately, since the underlying policies are vague and unclear, the ClearHealth website is not yet able to answer basic access questions for consumers.  Only one hospital seems to have completed a checklist designed by the ClearHealth project.

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