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The psychological effects of womb transplants are evaluated

As we previously reported, the first child has been born following womb transplants (Lancet 385; 607-616, 2015). The first clinical trial on uterus transplants commenced in 2013, and included nine women. The outcomes at 6 and 12 months have already been published (Fertility and Sterility  101; 1228-1236, 2014 and Fertility and Sterility 103; 199-204, 2014). Of the 9 transplants, the wombs had to be removed within 4 months on two occasions. A study has now been published that evaluated possible psychological problems in the uterine recipients and their partners one year after the transplant (Fertility and Sterility 104; 1010-1015, 2015), finding that the recipients were psychologically stable, both at the start of the trial and 12 months later.

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