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Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Brain Death

Several weeks ago, Harvard Bioethics produced a recorded seminar on “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Brain Death.” 

The panelists were Qing Yang, MD, PhD (Department of Anesthesia, Massachusetts General Hospital) and Robert D. Truog, MD (Director, Center for Bioethics and Professor of Medical Ethics, Anaesthesiology & Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School; Senior Associate in Critical Care Medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston).

Even in the US, some controversy persists over the conceptual defensibility of brain death. Around the world, the philosophical defensibility of brain death is even more debatable. Watch as Dr. Qing Yang presents data regarding the adoption of brain death in China. She discusses cultural differences between Chinese and US medical professionals and patients that inform policy and law when it comes to brain death. Dr. Bob Truog, a prominent brain death critic, replies.

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