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ASBH Call for Volunteers – Health Care Ethics Consultation Certification

The American Society for Bioethics and  Humanities (ASBH) Board of Directors is committed to conducting market research as the critical next step in the development of a health care ethics consultation (HCEC) certification program. If this research suggests that such a program is feasible, the Board anticipates appointing a series of task forces with the skills and experience needed in various stages of program development.

For the first phase, ASBH seeks 8-­10 individuals who are representative of the diversity of HCEC roles —including but not limited to geographical region, educational background, practice setting, years of experience, race/ethnicity, and gender—to serve on a task force to conduct a feasibility study and a role delineation survey. 

Members of the task force are expected to be the HCEC subject matter experts and, in this capacity, to provide their best judgments about their own practice and to share knowledge about the practices of others in the field. The task force will be supported by psychometricians experienced in test development and knowledgeable about nationally recognized standards for certification programs.

Task force members are expected to attend and participate in two meetings, each about 1.5 days. The first is scheduled for August 30-­31, 2016 near O’Hare airport in Chicago. The second, which may be a web-­based meeting, is planned for early 2017 (the specific dates to be determined). Task force members will also be expected to review materials in preparation for these meetings and to provide comments on materials that are produced at these meetings. It is anticipated that the task force will complete its charge by Summer 2017.

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