This 2016 edition of the “top bioethics journals and articles” list includes updated rankings for bioethics journals and new citation metrics for articles published in 2015, as well as updates for previous years’ top articles. Links to the publisher pages are included for each article as well as links to their citation page on Google Scholar. The average H5 index for the top fifty-two journals is 13.38, with a tied high of 28 and a minimum of 6.

Here are the top top 52 journals and 252 most cited articles from the top bioethics journals published in 2009 through 2015. View the Top Articles by Year: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

About this Analysis

This is an updated citation analysis for 2011 through 2015 of the top 100 bioethics journals. I’ve included the top 50 journals and the top cited articles per year including the h5 ranking.  Just over 20,000 articles were analyzed in this dataset, shared here as a spreadsheet. If you’re interested in using this study in a publication or presentation please let me know so I can share a link to your research on this blog post.

I utilized Harzing’s Publish or Perish software over a period of 10 days to gather this new data in May, 2016. The citation metrics are from Google Scholar’s index.

Author: Mark Hakkarinen, M.A.
Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University.

Bioethics Journal Impact Analysis

This analysis uses the h5 index measurement in Publish or Perish Citation information data gathered in May, 2016. The Google Scholar metrics are based on data in their index as of June, 2015. More notes about accuracy available here:

TitleISSNh5 (Harzing's Publish or Perish, Google Scholar Source)h5-index (Google Scholar Calculated, June 2015 Index)h5-median (Google Scholar Calculated, June 2015 Index)
Journal of Medical Ethics0306-6800282838
Nursing Ethics0969-7330282836
American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB)1526-5161252834
Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics1073-1105242331
Science and Engineering Ethics1353-3452232234
AJOB Neuroscience2150-7740201828
BMC Medical Ethics1472-6939191825
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law0361-6878191824
Hastings Center Report0093-0334182027
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy1386-7423181620
Environmental Values0963-2719161438
Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics1556-2646161622
American Journal of Law & Medicine0098-8588151625
Journal of Medicine and Philosophy0360-5310151822
Nursing Philosophy1466-7681151422
Public Health Ethics1754- 9973151318
Developing World Bioethics1471-8731141417
Ethics & Behavior1050-8422141321
Health Care Analysis1065-3058141423
Philosophy, Ethics, & Humanities in Medicine1747-534114
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics0963-1801131216
HEC Forum0956-2737131220
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry1176-7529131116
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics1386-7415131317
AJOB Primary Research2150-7716121115
ATLA: Alternatives to Laboratory Animals0261-1929121319
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice1386-2820121013
Journal of Applied Philosophy0264-3758111115
Medical Law Review0967- 0742111014
Accountability in Research0898-9621101015
Clinical Ethics1477-750910710
Journal Medical Humanities1041-3545101016
Journal of Medical Humanities1041-354510913
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal1054-686310
AMA Journal of Ethics (formerly Virtual Mentor)2376-6980989
Journal of Clinical Ethics1046-789091223
Ethik in der Medizin0935-73358912
European Journal of Health Law0929-0273889
International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB)1937-45858811
Journal of Legal Medicine0194-76488910
Acta Bioethica0717-59067711
Cuadernos de Bioética1132-1989768
Journal of Global Ethics1744-96267711
South African Journal of Bioethics and Law1999-76397711
Asian Bioethics Review1793-87596913
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics0974-846661010
JONA's Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Regulation1520-92296
Journal of Religious Ethics0384-9694668
Monash Bioethics Review1321-2753656

 Top Bioethics Articles by Year


56 with 9 or more citations.
*Top citations calculated as of May, 2016. These rankings are likely skewed more heavily towards those published earlier in the year.

  1. Withdrawing artificial nutrition and hydration from minimally conscious and vegetative patients: family perspectives“. C Kitzinger, J Kitzinger. Journal of Medical Ethics 28 cites
  2. Enhancing motivation by use of prescription stimulants: The ethics of motivation enhancement“. T Kjærsgaard. AJOB Neuroscience 25 cites
  3. Broad consent for research with biological samples: Workshop conclusions“. C Grady, L Eckstein, B Berkman, D Brock…. The American Journal … 24 cites
  4. Problems with traditional science publishing and finding a wider niche for post-publication peer review“. JA Teixeira da Silva, J Dobránszki. Accountability in research 24 cites
  5. Toward interventions to address moral distress Navigating structure and agency“. LC Musto, PA Rodney, R Vanderheide. Nursing ethics 20 cites
  6. A threat to autonomy? The intrusion of predictive brain implants“. F Gilbert. AJOB neuroscience 20 cites
  7. Suicide tourism: a pilot study on the Swiss phenomenon“. S Gauthier, J Mausbach, T Reisch…. Journal of medical ethics 19 cites
  8. The medicalization of love“. BD Earp, A Sandberg…. Cambridge Quarterly of … 19 cites
  9. The social determinants of health: Why should we care?“. A Preda, K Voigt. The American Journal of Bioethics 18 cites
  10. Neglected ends: Clinical ethics consultation and the prospects for closure“. A Fiester. The American Journal of Bioethics 17 cites
  11. Imposing genetic diversity“. R Sparrow. The American Journal of Bioethics 17 cites
  12. Selecting the right tool for the job“. AL Caplan, C Plunkett, B Levin. … American Journal of Bioethics 17 cites
  13. Ritual male infant circumcision and human rights“. AJ Jacobs, KS Arora. The American Journal of Bioethics 17 cites
  14. Beyond bench and bedside: Disentangling the concept of translational research“. AL van der Laan, M Boenink. Health Care Analysis 17 cites
  15. Sex and circumcision“. BD Earp. The American Journal of Bioethics 16 cites
  16. On the impermissibility of infant male circumcision: a response to Mazor (2013)“. E Ungar-Sargon. Journal of Medical Ethics 15 cites
  17. Personal utility in genomic testing: is there such a thing?“. EM Bunnik, ACJW Janssens…. Journal of medical ethics 14 cites
  18. Looking for trouble: Preventive genomic sequencing in the general population and the role of patient choice“. G Lázaro-Muñoz, JM Conley, AM Davis…. The American Journal … 14 cites
  19. A code of ethics for health care ethics consultants: Journey to the present and implications for the field“. AJ Tarzian, LD Wocial…. The American Journal … 14 cites
  20. The social licence for research: why care. data ran into trouble“. P Carter, GT Laurie, M Dixon-Woods. Journal of medical ethics 13 cites
  21. Bioethics: why philosophy is essential for progress“. J Savulescu. Journal of medical ethics 13 cites
  22. Young people’s experiences of participation in clinical trials: Reasons for taking part“. M Luchtenberg, E Maeckelberghe…. The American Journal … 13 cites
  23. Reframing problems of incommensurability in environmental conflicts through pragmatic sociology: From value pluralism to the plurality of modes of engagement with …“. L Centemeri. Environmental values 13 cites
  24. Culture, compassion and clinical neglect: probity in the NHS after Mid Staffordshire“. C Newdick, C Danbury. Journal of medical ethics 12 cites
  25. Addressing consent issues in donation after circulatory determination of death“. KJ Overby, MS Weinstein, A Fiester. … American Journal of Bioethics 12 cites
  26. Patient perspectives on the learning health system: The importance of trust and shared decision making“. M Kelley, C James, S Alessi Kraft…. The American Journal … 12 cites
  27. Returning a research participant’s genomic results to relatives: analysis and recommendations“. SM Wolf, R Branum, BA Koenig…. … , Medicine & Ethics 12 cites
  28. ‘Moral distress’–time to abandon a flawed nursing construct?“. MJ Johnstone, A Hutchinson. Nursing ethics 11 cites
  29. Constructing a theoretical model of moral distress“. ELD Barlem, FRS Ramos. Nursing ethics 11 cites
  30. Moral distress A review of the argument-based nursing ethics literature“. J McCarthy, C Gastmans. Nursing ethics 11 cites
  31. Ethics consultation in pediatrics: Long-term experience from a pediatric oncology center“. LM Johnson, CL Church, M Metzger…. The American Journal of … 11 cites
  32. The Texas Advanced Directive Law: Unfinished business“. M Kapottos, S Youngner. The American Journal of Bioethics 11 cites
  33. You can’t make me do it, but I could be persuaded: a Federalism perspective on the Affordable Care Act“. SF Haeder, DL Weimer. Journal of health politics, policy and law 11 cites
  34. Why is it hard to make progress in assessing children’s decision-making competence?“. IM Hein, PW Troost, A Broersma…. … medical ethics 11 cites
  35. Empathy, justice, and moral behavior“. J Decety, JM Cowell. AJOB Neuroscience 11 cites
  36. Involving Research Stakeholders in Developing Policy on Sharing Public Health Research Data in Kenya Views on Fair Process for Informed Consent, Access …“. I Jao, F Kombe, S Mwalukore, S Bull…. … of Empirical Research … 11 cites
  37. Paradigm dressed as epoch: the ideology of the Anthropocene“. J Baskin. Environmental Values 11 cites
  38. Ebola: what it tells us about medical ethics“. AJ Dawson. Journal of medical ethics 10 cites
  39. Penetrating the omerta of predatory publishing: the romanian connection“. D Djuric. Science and engineering ethics 10 cites
  40. Domesticating the Drone: The Demilitarisation of Unmanned Aircraft for Civil Markets“. P Boucher. Science and engineering ethics 10 cites
  41. Addressing Pricing Power in Integrated Delivery: The Limits of Antitrust“. R Berenson. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 10 cites
  42. Challenges for principles of need in health care“. N Juth. Health Care Analysis 10 cites
  43. Developing Ethical Practices for Public Health Research Data Sharing in South Africa The Views and Experiences From a Diverse Sample of Research Stakeholders“. SG Denny, B Silaigwana, D Wassenaar…. … of Empirical Research … 10 cites
  44. Rethinking “commercial” surrogacy in Australia“. J Millbank. Journal of bioethical inquiry 10 cites
  45. ‘The Medical’and ‘Health’in a Critical Medical Humanities“. S Atkinson, B Evans, A Woods, R Kearns. Journal of Medical Humanities 10 cites
  46. Positive affect as coercive strategy: conditionality, activation and the role of psychology in UK government workfare programmes“. L Friedli, R Stearn. Medical humanities 10 cites
  47. Revealing the results of whole-genome sequencing and whole-exome sequencing in research and clinical investigations: some ethical issues“. N Hallowell, A Hall, C Alberg, R Zimmern. Journal of medical ethics 9 cites
  48. Limits to relational autonomy—The Singaporean experience“. LKR Krishna, DS Watkinson, NL Beng. Nursing ethics 9 cites
  49. Ethical obligations and clinical goals in end-of-life care: Deriving a quality-of-life construct based on the Islamic concept of accountability before God (taklīf)“. A Padela, A Mohiuddin. The American Journal of Bioethics 9 cites
  50. Sleepwalking into infertility: The need for a public health approach toward advanced maternal age“. ME Lemoine, V Ravitsky. The American Journal of Bioethics 9 cites
  51. Placebo effects and informed consent“. M Alfano. The American Journal of Bioethics 9 cites
  52. An ethical evaluation of stereotactic neurosurgery for anorexia nervosa“. S Müller, R Riedmüller, H Walter, M Christen. AJOB Neuroscience 9 cites
  53. “Could have chosen otherwise under identical conditions”: An evolutionary perspective on free will“. J Banja. AJOB Neuroscience 9 cites
  54. Ethical Considerations for Outcome‐adaptive Trial Designs: A Clinical Researcher’s Perspective“. SB Saxman. Bioethics 9 cites
  55. Trust, Respect, and Reciprocity Informing Culturally Appropriate Data-Sharing Practice in Vietnam“. L Merson, TV Phong, NT Dung, TTD Ngan…. … of Empirical Research … 9 cites
  56. Risks, benefits, complications and harms: Neglected factors in the current debate on non-therapeutic circumcision“. R Darby. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 9 cites


There are 48 articles with 15 or more citations.

  1. Diagnosing mental disorders and saving the normal: American Psychiatric Association, 2013. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, …“. F Svenaeus. Medicine, health care and philosophy 867 cites
  2. Against autonomy: justifying coercive paternalism“. S Conly. Journal of medical ethics 117 cites
  3. Addressing the ethical challenges in genetic testing and sequencing of children“. EW Clayton, LB McCullough, LG Biesecker…. The American Journal … 38 cites
  4. Pascal’s Wager: health insurance exchanges, Obamacare, and the Republican dilemma“. DK Jones, KWV Bradley…. Journal of health politics, … 38 cites
  5. Social media in disaster risk reduction and crisis management“. DE Alexander. Science and engineering ethics 26 cites
  6. A review of the key issues associated with the commercialization of biobanks“. T Caulfield, S Burningham, Y Joly…. … and the Biosciences 25 cites
  7. Ethische und rechtliche Aspekte im Umgang mit genetischen Zufallsbefunden–Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze“. P Erdmann. Ethik in der Medizin 25 cites
  8. Assessing the likely harms to kidney vendors in regulated organ markets“. J Koplin. The American Journal of Bioethics 23 cites
  9. Changing the conversation about brain death“. RD Truog, FG Miller. The American Journal of Bioethics 23 cites
  10. Egalitarianism and moral bioenhancement“. R Sparrow. The American journal of bioethics 22 cites
  11. Authorship matrix: A rational approach to quantify individual contributions and responsibilities in multi-author scientific articles“. TP Clement. Science and engineering ethics 22 cites
  12. Multiplex parenting: IVG and the generations to come“. C Palacios-González, J Harris, G Testa. Journal of medical ethics 20 cites
  13. Brave new love: The threat of high-tech “conversion” therapy and the bio-oppression of sexual minorities“. BD Earp, A Sandberg, J Savulescu. AJOB neuroscience 20 cites
  14. Imposing options on people in poverty: the harm of a live donor organ market“. S Rippon. Journal of medical ethics 19 cites
  15. Ethical review of health systems research in low-and middle-income countries: a conceptual exploration“. AA Hyder, A Rattani, C Krubiner…. The American Journal … 19 cites
  16. Essential health benefits and the Affordable Care Act: Law and process“. N Bagley, H Levy. Journal of health politics, policy and law 19 cites
  17. A costly separation between withdrawing and withholding treatment in intensive care“. D Wilkinson, J Savulescu. Bioethics 19 cites
  18. The regulation of cognitive enhancement devices: extending the medical model“. H Maslen, T Douglas, RC Kadosh…. … and the Biosciences 19 cites
  19. The Ebola outbreak in Western Africa: ethical obligations for care“. A Yakubu, MO Folayan, N Sani-Gwarzo…. Journal of medical … 18 cites
  20. Learning the requirements for compassionate practice Student vulnerability and courage“. K Curtis. Nursing Ethics 18 cites
  21. Life context of pharmacological academic performance enhancement among university students–a qualitative approach“. E Hildt, K Lieb, AG Franke. BMC medical ethics 18 cites
  22. A second rebuttal on health“. C Boorse. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 18 cites
  23. Stimulating the self: The influence of conceptual frameworks on reactions to deep brain stimulation“. G Mecacci, WFG Haselager. AJOB Neuroscience 18 cites
  24. Epigenetics and the environment in bioethics“. C Dupras, V Ravitsky, B Williams‐Jones. Bioethics 18 cites
  25. Death, posthumous harm, and bioethics“. JS Taylor. Journal of medical ethics 17 cites
  26. Problematising autonomy and advocacy in nursing“. C Cole, S Wellard, J Mummery. Nursing ethics 17 cites
  27. Patient and citizen participation in health: The need for improved ethical support“. L Williamson. The American Journal of Bioethics 17 cites
  28. Brain images, babies, and bathwater: critiquing critiques of functional neuroimaging“. MJ Farah. Hastings Center Report 17 cites
  29. Use of a Patient Preference Predictor to help make medical decisions for incapacitated patients“. A Rid, D Wendler. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 17 cites
  30. Public attitudes toward cognitive enhancement“. NS Fitz, R Nadler, P Manogaran, EWJ Chong…. Neuroethics 17 cites
  31. Approaches to suffering at the end of life: the use of sedation in the USA and Netherlands“. JAC Rietjens, JR Voorhees, A van der Heide…. Journal of medical … 16 cites
  32. The ethics of advertising for health care services“. Y Schenker, RM Arnold, AJ London. The American Journal of … 16 cites
  33. Transnational gestational surrogacy: Does it have to be exploitative?“. J Kirby. The American Journal of Bioethics 16 cites
  34. Have we asked too much of consent?“. BA Koenig. Hastings Center Report 16 cites
  35. The human right to water: The importance of domestic and productive water rights“. RP Hall, B Van Koppen, E Van Houweling. Science and Engineering … 16 cites
  36. Moral competence in social robots“. BF Malle, M Scheutz. … in Science, Technology and Engineering … 16 cites
  37. Treatment decision making for incapacitated patients: is development and use of a patient preference predictor feasible?“. A Rid, D Wendler. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 16 cites
  38. The nocebo effect of informed consent“. S Cohen. Bioethics 16 cites
  39. Cognition and the compassion deficit: the social psychology of helping behaviour in nursing“. J Paley. Nursing Philosophy 16 cites
  40. Nurses’ perception of ethical climate, medical error experience and intent-to-leave“. JI Hwang, HA Park. Nursing ethics 15 cites
  41. Failing a student nurse A new horizon of moral courage“. S Black, J Curzio, L Terry. Nursing ethics 15 cites
  42. The challenge of informed consent and return of results in translational genomics: empirical analysis and recommendations“. GE Henderson, SM Wolf, KJ Kuczynski…. … , Medicine & Ethics 15 cites
  43. Functional neuroimaging: Technical, logical, and social perspectives“. GK Aguirre. Hastings Center Report 15 cites
  44. The recent history of Christian bioethics critically reassessed“. HT Engelhardt. Christian Bioethics 15 cites
  45. Better living through chemistry? A reply to Savulescu and Persson on ‘moral enhancement’“. R Sparrow. Journal of Applied Philosophy 15 cites
  46. Enhancing moral conformity and enhancing moral worth“. T Douglas. Neuroethics 15 cites
  47. What is nursing in the 21st century and what does the 21st century health system require of nursing?“. PA Scott, A Matthews, M Kirwan. Nursing Philosophy 15 cites
  48. Ebola, epidemics, and ethics-what we have learned“. GK Donovan. Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in … 15 cites


This year there are 47 articles with 30 or more citations.

  1. Mind wars“. JD Moreno. Monash Bioethics Review 118 cites
  2. An ethics framework for a learning health care system: a departure from traditional research ethics and clinical ethics“. RR Faden, NE Kass, SN Goodman…. Hastings Center … 108 cites
  3. The research‐treatment distinction: a problematic approach for determining which activities should have ethical oversight“. NE Kass, RR Faden, SN GooDMAN…. Hastings Center … 88 cites
  4. Improving understanding in the research informed consent process: a systematic review of 54 interventions tested in randomized control trials“. A Nishimura, J Carey, PJ Erwin…. … medical … 86 cites
  5. Arrests of and forced interventions on pregnant women in the United States, 1973–2005: Implications for women’s legal status and public health“. LM Paltrow, J Flavin. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 83 cites
  6. What is degrowth? From an activist slogan to a social movement“. F Demaria, F Schneider, F Sekulova…. Environmental … 81 cites
  7. Obesity: Chasing an elusive epidemic“. D Callahan. Hastings Center Report 58 cites
  8. Engineering ethics beyond engineers’ ethics“. JM Basart, M Serra. Science and Engineering Ethics 58 cites
  9. Just how cognitive is “cognitive enhancement”? On the significance of emotions in university students’ experiences with study drugs“. S Vrecko. AJOB neuroscience 56 cites
  10. Do researchers have an obligation to actively look for genetic incidental findings?“. C Gliwa, BE Berkman. The American Journal of Bioethics 54 cites
  11. Treating patients as persons: A capabilities approach to support delivery of person-centered care“. VA Entwistle, IS Watt. The American Journal of Bioethics 54 cites
  12. Designing robots for care: Care centered value-sensitive design“. A Van Wynsberghe. Science and engineering ethics 53 cites
  13. What is personalized medicine: sharpening a vague term based on a systematic literature review“. S Schleidgen, C Klingler…. … medical … 53 cites
  14. Physicians under the influence: social psychology and industry marketing strategies“. S Sah, A Fugh‐Berman. … Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 51 cites
  15. Deep brain stimulation and the search for identity“. K Witt, J Kuhn, L Timmermann, M Zurowski, C Woopen. Neuroethics 50 cites
  16. Institutional corruption of pharmaceuticals and the myth of safe and effective drugs“. DW Light, J Lexchin, JJ Darrow. The Journal of Law, Medicine … 47 cites
  17. Case-based knowledge and ethics education: Improving learning and transfer through emotionally rich cases“. CE Thiel, S Connelly, L Harkrider…. … and engineering ethics 47 cites
  18. “I Am Who I Am”: on the perceived threats to personal identity from deep brain stimulation“. F Baylis. Neuroethics 46 cites
  19. Did my brain implant make me do it? Questions raised by DBS regarding psychological continuity, responsibility for action and mental competence“. L Klaming, P Haselager. Neuroethics 45 cites
  20. Moral distress in nursing Contributing factors, outcomes and interventions“. AS Burston, AG Tuckett. Nursing Ethics 44 cites
  21. On good and bad forms of medicalization“. E Parens. Bioethics 44 cites
  22. The asilomar survey: Stakeholders’ opinions on ethical issues related to brain-computer interfacing“. F Nijboer, J Clausen, BZ Allison, P Haselager. Neuroethics 43 cites
  23. Nudging and informed consent“. S Cohen. The American Journal of Bioethics 42 cites
  24. The social model of disability: Dichotomy between impairment and disability“. D Anastasiou, JM Kauffman. … of Medicine and Philosophy 42 cites
  25. Salvaging the concept of nudge“. Y Saghai. Journal of Medical Ethics 40 cites
  26. Out of step: fatal flaws in the latest AAP policy report on neonatal circumcision“. JS Svoboda, RS Van Howe. Journal of Medical Ethics 39 cites
  27. Trust in nurse-patient relationships: a literature review“. L Dinç, C Gastmans. Nursing ethics 39 cites
  28. Getting moral enhancement right: the desirability of moral bioenhancement“. I Persson, J Savulescu. Bioethics 39 cites
  29. Media, politics and science policy: MS and evidence from the CCSVI trenches“. D Pullman, A Zarzeczny…. … medical ethics 37 cites
  30. Primum non nocere: obesity stigma and public health“. LR Vartanian, JM Smyth. Journal of bioethical inquiry 36 cites
  31. PPI, paradoxes and Plato: who’s sailing the ship?“. J Ives, S Damery, S Redwod. Journal of Medical Ethics 35 cites
  32. If I could just stop loving you: Anti-love biotechnology and the ethics of a chemical breakup“. BD Earp, OA Wudarczyk, A Sandberg…. The American Journal … 35 cites
  33. Health care ethics consultation: An update on core competencies and emerging standards from the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities’ Core …“. AJ Tarzian, ACCUT Force. The American Journal of Bioethics 35 cites
  34. Key opinion leaders and the corruption of medical knowledge: what the Sunshine Act will and won’t cast light on“. S Sismondo. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 35 cites
  35. Pain perception in disorders of consciousness: neuroscience, clinical care, and ethics in dialogue“. A Demertzi, E Racine, MA Bruno, D Ledoux…. Neuroethics 35 cites
  36. The challenge of crafting policy for do-it-yourself brain stimulation“. NS Fitz, PB Reiner. Journal of medical ethics 33 cites
  37. Transplant tourism: the ethics and regulation of international markets for organs“. IG Cohen. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 33 cites
  38. The high price of “free” trade: US trade agreements and access to medicines“. R Lopert, D Gleeson. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 33 cites
  39. Voluntary simplicity and the social reconstruction of law: degrowth from the grassroots up“. S Alexander. Environmental Values 33 cites
  40. Me, myself and my brain implant: Deep brain stimulation raises questions of personal authenticity and alienation“. F Kraemer. Neuroethics 33 cites
  41. Big bad data: law, public health, and biomedical databases“. S Hoffman, A Podgurski. … Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 32 cites
  42. Social epigenetics and equality of opportunity“. M Loi, L Del Savio, E Stupka. Public health ethics 32 cites
  43. Assessing decision-making capacity in the behaviorally nonresponsive patient with residual covert awareness“. A Peterson, L Naci, C Weijer, D Cruse…. … Neuroscience 31 cites
  44. Moral enhancement via direct emotion modulation: A reply to John Harris“. T Douglas. Bioethics 31 cites
  45. Vulnerability in research ethics: a way forward“. MM Lange, W Rogers, S Dodds. Bioethics 31 cites
  46. The monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) genetic predisposition to impulsive violence: Is it relevant to criminal trials?“. ML Baum. Neuroethics 31 cites
  47. The effectiveness of ethics education: A quasi-experimental field study“. DR May, MT Luth. Science and engineering ethics 30 cites


There are 49 articles with 33 or more citations.

  1. After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?“. A Giubilini, F Minerva. Journal of Medical Ethics 147 cites
  2. Seeking better health care outcomes: the ethics of using the “nudge”“. JS Blumenthal-Barby, H Burroughs. … American Journal of Bioethics 80 cites
  3. Autism as a natural human variation: Reflections on the claims of the neurodiversity movement“. P Jaarsma, S Welin. Health Care Analysis 77 cites
  4. Out of bounds? A critique of the new policies on hyperandrogenism in elite female athletes“. K Karkazis, R Jordan-Young, G Davis…. The American Journal … 69 cites
  5. A multidimensional analysis of ethical climate, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behaviors“. CC Huang, CS You, MT Tsai. Nursing Ethics 65 cites
  6. To tell the truth, the whole truth, may do patients harm: the problem of the nocebo effect for informed consent“. RE Wells, TJ Kaptchuk. The American Journal of Bioethics 63 cites
  7. Framing the issues: moral distress in health care“. BM Pauly, C Varcoe, J Storch. Hec Forum 62 cites
  8. Development and testing of an instrument to measure moral distress in healthcare professionals“. AB Hamric, CT Borchers, EG Epstein. AJOB Primary Research 62 cites
  9. Consequences of clinical situations that cause critical care nurses to experience moral distress“. DL Wiegand, M Funk. Nursing Ethics 61 cites
  10. The quality of informed consent: mapping the landscape. A review of empirical data from developing and developed countries“. A Mandava, C Pace, B Campbell, E Emanuel…. Journal of Medical … 60 cites
  11. ‘Human-on-a-chip’developments: a translational cutting-edge alternative to systemic safety assessment and efficiency evaluation of substances in laboratory …“. U Marx, H Walles, S Hoffmann, G Lindner…. … Animals-ATLA 59 cites
  12. The six most essential questions in psychiatric diagnosis: a pluralogue part 1: conceptual and definitional issues in psychiatric diagnosis“. J Phillips, A Frances, MA Cerullo…. … , and Humanities … 56 cites
  13. The relationship of ethics education to moral sensitivity and moral reasoning skills of nursing students“. M Park, D Kjervik, J Crandell, MH Oermann. Nursing ethics 53 cites
  14. Those who have the gold make the evidence: How the pharmaceutical industry biases the outcomes of clinical trials of medications“. J Lexchin. Science and engineering ethics 53 cites
  15. The purpose in chronic addiction“. H Pickard. AJOB neuroscience 51 cites
  16. Adherence, shared decision-making and patient autonomy“. L Sandman, BB Granger, I Ekman, C Munthe. Medicine, Health Care and … 51 cites
  17. Neuroeducation–a critical overview of an emerging field“. D Ansari, B De Smedt, RH Grabner. Neuroethics 51 cites
  18. Nurses’ perceptions of and responses to morally distressing situations“. C Varcoe, B Pauly, J Storch, L Newton…. Nursing Ethics 50 cites
  19. Empirical research on moral distress: issues, challenges, and opportunities“. AB Hamric. Hec Forum 50 cites
  20. Ethical concerns for maternal surrogacy and reproductive tourism“. R Deonandan, S Green, A Van Beinum. Journal of Medical Ethics 47 cites
  21. The case for conserving disability“. R Garland-Thomson. Journal of bioethical inquiry 47 cites
  22. Symbiotic empirical ethics: a practical methodology“. L Frith. Bioethics 46 cites
  23. Why bioethics needs a concept of vulnerability“. W Rogers, C Mackenzie, S Dodds. IJFAB: International Journal of … 46 cites
  24. Prevalence of plagiarism in recent submissions to the Croatian Medical Journal“. K Baždarić, L Bilić-Zulle, G Brumini…. Science and engineering … 45 cites
  25. The ethics of ‘public understanding of ethics’—why and how bioethics expertise should include public and patients’ voices“. S Schicktanz, M Schweda, B Wynne. … , health care and philosophy 45 cites
  26. Should we allow organ donation euthanasia? Alternatives for maximizing the number and quality of organs for transplantation“. D Wilkinson, J Savulescu. Bioethics 45 cites
  27. Public health ethics theory: review and path to convergence“. LM Lee. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 44 cites
  28. And lead us (not) into persuasion…? Persuasive technology and the ethics of communication“. A Spahn. Science and engineering ethics 41 cites
  29. Owning genetic information and gene enhancement techniques: why privacy and property rights may undermine social control of the human genome“. AD Moore. Bioethics 41 cites
  30. The burden of normality: from ‘chronically ill’to ‘symptom free’. New ethical challenges for deep brain stimulation postoperative treatment“. F Gilbert. Journal of Medical Ethics 38 cites
  31. Effect of financial relationships on the behaviors of health care professionals: a review of the evidence“. C Robertson, S Rose…. … Journal of Law, Medicine … 38 cites
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