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Latest outcomes of artificial hearts for transplant

Artificial hearts for trasplant results. The first total artificial heart transplant in a human took place in Paris in December 2013, and was received with great medical and media interest, because it opened the door to a cure for thousands of heart patients who do not have access to a donor organ. That first patient, a 76-year-old man, died after 75 days. The second transplant was performed in 2014; its recipient, a 69-year-old man, died almost nine months later. The third, a 73-year-old, lost his life last 22nd December, more than eight months after having received a prosthesis which, according to the company, was not involved in his death. The fourth patient transplanted in France with an artificial heart from the company Carmat died due to medical complications linked to his critical state before and after the operation, the French company said today in a statement. The prosthesis received by the 58-year-old patient on 22nd December in Paris was not linked to his death, said the company (ABC Sociedad 21-I-2016).


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