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A New Edition of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy Is Now Available

May 4, 2016

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (vol. 19, no. 1, 2016) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Solicitude: Balancing Compassion and Empowerment in a Relational Ethics of Hope—An Empirical-Ethical Study in Palliative Care” by Erik Olsman, Dick Willems, and Carlo Leget
  • “Reconsidering Kantian Arguments against Organ Selling” by Zumrut Alpinar-Sencan
  • “The Ethical Implications and Religious Significance of Organ Transplantation Payment Systems” by Hunter Jackson Smith
  • “Moral Implications of Obstetric Technologies for Pregnancy and Motherhood” by Susanne Brauer
  • “Child’s Objection to Non-Beneficial Research: Capacity and Distress Based Models” by Marcin Waligora, Joanna Rozynska, and Jan Piasecki
  • “Do We Need a Threshold Conception of Competence?” by Govert den Hartogh
  • “Towards a Genealogy of Pharmacological Practice” by Ricardo Camargo and Nicolas Ried
  • “Two Kinds of Autism: A Comparison of Distinct Understandings of Psychiatric Disease” by Berend Verhoeff
  • “Rethinking Risk Assessment for Emerging Technology First-in-Human Trials” by Anna Genske and Sabrina Engle-Glatter
  • “Forensic Uses of Research Biobanks: Should Donors Be Informed?” by Vilius Dranseika, Jan Piasecki, and Marcin Waligora

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