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Debate forum: BDS and the American Anthropological Association by Editorial Collaborative

Starting April 15, members of the American Anthropological Association will be able to vote on a resolution which proposes a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In this “debate forum,” we present two pieces, one arguing for the boycott, one against, both written by and addressed to medical anthropologists. We encourage readers to join the debate or air their views in the comments sections of either piece, or this introduction.


Acknowledging the Palestinian Public Health Crisis: Why Signing onto the Academic Boycott Makes Sense for Medical Anthropologists

Sherine Hamdy, Shirley Lindenbaum, Julie Livingston, Margaret Lock, Eileen Moyer, Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Elizabeth Roberts, Michael Montoya, Kristin Peterson, Miriam Ticktin


Israeli Writers and Anthropologists on Health and Trauma: A Critical Lens on Dehumanization and Healing

Michele Rivkin-Fish

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