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A New Edition of Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Is Now Available

April 13, 2016

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (vol. 13, no. 1, 2016) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “The Trojan Citation and the ‘Accidental’ Plagarist” by David Shaw
  • “A Not-So-Gentle Refutation of the Defence of Homeopathy” by Jakub Zawila-Niedzwiecki and Jacek Olender
  • “Why Governments That Fund Elective Abortion Are Obligated to Attempt a Reduction in the Elective Abortion Rate” by Travis Dumsday
  • “Memory Interventions in the Criminal Justice System: Some Practical Ethical Considerations” by Laura Y. Cabrera and Bernice S. Elger
  • “The Case for Reasonable Accommodation of Conscientious Objections to Declarations of Brain Death” by L. Syd M. Johnson
  • “Guidelines for Teaching Cross-Cultural Clinical Ethics: Critiquing Ideology and Confronting Power in the Service of a Principles-Based Pedagogy” by Fern Brunger
  • “Defining Ourselves: Personal Bioinformation as a Tool of Narrative Self-Conception” by Emily Postan
  • “Beyond Biomedicine: Relationships and Care in Tuberculosis Prevention” by Paul H. Mason and Chris Degeling

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