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Ethics & Society Newsfeed: March 11

Europe’s Latest Proposal for the Refugee Crisis
Adam Chandler looks at discussions and the possibility of new limitations on immigration in Turkey. He examines the concerns of human rights groups on the matter.

The Government Is Secretly Huddling With Companies to Fight Extremism Online
Kaveh Waddell looks at pro-privacy groups and their response to the feds campaign to end terrorist calls to action online. What are the ethical implications of the feds’ proposals?

Free-Speech Advocates Are Not Trying to Silence Students
Conor Friedersdorf looks at recent issues with free speech on campuses, and looks at the notion that marginalized groups are most harmed by limited free speech.

What Can the U.S. Do to Improve Police Accountability?
David Graham looks at the ethical implications of certain plans to improve the public’s relationship with the police.

New J.K. Rowling story earns ire of Native Americans
Todd Leopold looks at the criticisms of certain Native Americans over what they feel is appropriation of their narratives from J.K. Rowling. He looks at the ethical concerns of some tribe members who feel as though their stories are being overwritten.

After Living Brazil’s Dream, Family Confronts Microcephaly and Economic Crisis’
Simon Romero looks at issues of poverty worsened by the Zika crisis in Brazil. He looks at the moral implications of policies that would leave newly born disabled babies in poverty.

Limit the Next President’s Power to Wage Drone Warfare
Jameel Jaffer and Brett Max Kaufman discuss the harm of drone strikes, and the subsequent questions about their usage.

Meldonium Use Widespread in Elite Athletes, Researchers Say
Sarah Begley looks at the use of meldonium, a banned drug, and its effectives on athletes.

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