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Bioethics Meets Moral Psychology

On Thursday, May 19th 2016, in New York City the Hastings Center is sponsoring a free all-day symposium, “Bioethics Meets Moral Psychology.”

Mainstream bioethicists have traditionally made at least two assumptions about the nature and outcome of their work. The first is that reason drives their conclusions. The second is that, when presented with those reasoned conclusions, others will change their behavior, practices, or policies accordingly. 

Findings from moral psychology suggest, however, that neither of those assumptions is wholly correct. Both exaggerate the power of reason and underestimate the power of feeling or intuition. At this symposium we will ask: How then should bioethicists take on board the insights of moral psychology?

  • James Childress • University of Virginia
  • Martha Farah • University of Pennsylvania
  • Hilde Lindemann • Michigan State University
  • Peter Ubel • Duke University
  • Natalia Washington • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Nancy Berlinger • The Hastings Center
  • Erik Parens • The Hastings Center
  • Jonathan Haidt• New York University

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