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Room for Death [EOL in Art 198]

A new study in Social Science and Medicine, researchers report on data from a project teaming artists and craftspeople together to create prototypes of space for difficult conversations in end-of-life settings. 

These prototypes were presented in a museum exhibition, “Room for Death”, in Stockholm in 2012. Palliative care researchers contributed a question to the public viewing the exhibition, to explore their reflections: “How would you like it to be around you when you are dying?” 

Responses were categorized in the following inductively-derived categories: 

  1. The familiar death
  2. The ‘larger-than life’ death
  3. The lone death
  4. The mediated death
  5. The calm and peaceful death
  6. The sensuous death
  7. The ‘green’ death
  8. The distanced death. 

This project can be seen as an example of innovative endeavors to promote public awareness of issues related to death and dying, within the framework of health-promoting palliative care.

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