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Four things Christians need to know about ethics – introduction

Recently I have been thinking about what I have learned over the past six and a half years of working with college students and engaging them in discussions related to ethics. The students I interact with are at an evangelical Christian university and most of them are very committed to their faith. They are a very intelligent and capable group of students. They are also often very unclear about some things that I think are very essential to a Christian way of thinking about ethics and morality. Most of them have grown up in evangelical churches and I suspect that how they think reflects what their churches are teaching or failing to teach. Since many of them are students who have been in the university for several years already, how they think also reflects what we in the university are teaching or failing to teach.

What I have begun to recognize is that there are some things that distinguish how Christian ethicists think about moral things that are different from how the culture that we live in thinks about those things and that many of the students I interact with think more like the surrounding culture than a Christian ethicist. If their thinking about moral things is not transformed to reflect a more Christian way of thinking by the time they leave the university I suspect it will not change after that. If they think about moral things the same as the culture that surrounds us, then they will lives their lives in a way that is little different from that culture and is not distinctively Christian.

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