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Being in Great Demand

Each day when I start work checking my
email is among the first things I do. This is really a three step process.
First I go to my quarantined email to see whether I need to salvage anything or
if I can just press the “delete all” function. 
This is the spam quarantine set up by my employer which uses some kind
of rubric to prescreen my email for spam and save me from it. Usually I can
just click that “delete all” button but occasionally there is a real email in
there so I always look through it. For some reason this rubric often identifies
email from my adult children as spam, especially if they send it from their
workplace. Of course sometimes, in its wisdom, it does not quarantine such
email so I cannot really figure out how it selects.

After viewing the quarantined email I
scan through my non-quarantined email. Here I find a lot more spam which seems
to me to be just like what was quarantined but was not. This further confuses
me about how the spam filter works. But all is good now as I have reduced the
remaining email to a reasonable and manageable amount. I need to make an aside
here that I do not really like the term spam for junk email because I remember
eating it as a kid and rather liking it.

I now have a very much reduced inbox
that now consist primarily of two categories: 1) Real Email; and 2) Fake Real

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