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New Jersey Medicaid to Cover Advance Care Planning

Late last month, the New Jersey Legislature passed A.B. 4233.  Once signed by the governor, this law will require Medicaid reimbursement for advance care planning consultations with doctors or other caregivers (probably starting May 1, 2016).

The NJ Office of Legislative Services estimates that “it is likely that not many of the 1.7 million New Jersey Medicaid beneficiaries will choose to access the advanced care planning services specified by the bill.”  This is because, while not restricted to certain populations, advance care planning services are “typically used by a limited pool of individuals who have a serious life-threatening illness or medical condition or otherwise are nearing the end of life.”

At least two state Medicaid programs, in Colorado and Oregon, already cover advance care planning conversations between physicians and patients.

Medicare expanded its coverage of advance care planning on January 1, 2016.

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