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Medically Inappropriate or Futile Treatment: Deliberation and Justification

New in the Journal of Medicine & Philosophy:  “Medically Inappropriate or Futile Treatment: Deliberation and Justification.”  

Cheryl J. Misak, Douglas B. White and Robert D. Truog reframe the futility debate.  They move away from the question: “Who decides when to end what is considered to be a medically inappropriate or futile treatment?”  

Instead, they move toward the question:  “How can society make policy that will best account for the multitude of values and conflicts involved in such decision-making?” 

The authors offer a pragmatist moral epistemology that provides us with 
(1) a clear justification of why it is important to take best standards, norms, and physician judgment seriously and 
(2) a clear justification of why ample opportunity must be made for patients, families, and society to challenge those standards and norms.

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