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Ethics & Society Newsfeed: January 22, 2016








Record 30,000 Organ Transplants Performed Last Year
Doctors attribute the 5% increase in donations in 2015 to Americans’ growing willingness to donate organs.

Why We Need to Rethink HIV Attitudes
Robert Klitzman argues it is time to re-examine attitudes and laws criminalizing potential HIV exposure.

Advancing Medical Professionalism in US Military Detainee Treatment
A bioethical argument that current medical ethics standards provide a sound basis for military medical practice, even in situations where military missions must be reconciled with patient needs.

Heroin’s Surge Raises Life-or-Death Medical Ethics Issue
Heroin addicts with recurring heart valve problems are forcing surgeons to make difficult decisions about expensive care.

Inmates File Death with Dignity Requests
Three inmates in Nashville, Tennessee would like to be euthanized and to donate their organs rather than serve life in prison without parole.

Learning the Wrong Lesson on Privacy from Henrietta Lacks
Christopher Robertson and Jonathan D. Loe argue that the proposed reforms to increase privacy protections are unnecessary and could unnecessarily burden researchers.

That Time the United States Sterilized 60,000 of Its Citizens
A brief history of the era when health officials controlled the reproductive bodies of people committed to institutions, and its continuing relevance today.

The Outcome of My Clinical Trial is a Mystery
As a child, the author was enrolled in a clinical trial that was never published, and must live the rest of her life with a heart implant, never knowing exactly how it actually works.

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