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Nevada Supreme Court Asked to Expedite Brain Death Case

The Aden Hailu case concerns whether a hospital’s determination of death was properly conducted.  The case has been fully briefed before the Nevada Supreme Court.  But oral argument has not yet been set.  

Since the body of the individual at issue continues to be physiologically sustained, Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center has asked the court to please hurry up.

A few days ago, the hospital told the court:  “Ongoing medical issues continue to arise regarding the care and treatment of the body or person of Aden Hailu, including reduced hemoglobin levels that may call for blood transfusions, and/or other affirmative care and treatment for other potential medical issues that may arise, such as sepsis, etc. that would be contraindicated for a deceased person. Saint Mary’s respectfully requests that the Court resolve the issue raised in this appeal as soon as reasonably practicable.”

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