Caring for people and animals

Last night the Taylor University Center for Ethics that I work with sponsored a Conversation on Animal Welfare and Christian Ethics that focused on the Evangelical Statement on Responsible Care for Animals which was just recently released and can be found on the Every Living Thing web site. To read the statement you can click on the “sign the statement” button which gives you the opportunity to read the statement then decide if you want to sign it.

Over the past few months I have been putting a lot of time and energy into preparing for our discussion last night and as the event approached I found myself reflecting on whether that was time well spent. As a Christian I believe that God’s first priority on this earth is with people who he made in his image and that I should put caring for human beings and helping them understand God’s love for them as a top priority. As a physician my focus has been caring for the needs of human beings. Why should I spend so much time on a discussion of how we should care for animals? With all of the human needs in this world, does how we care for animals really make that much difference?

As I have reflected I have concluded that it is right for my primary concern to be the well-being and spiritual condition of other human beings. As I grow in my own relationship with God, caring for those he has made in his image should come first for me.

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