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27th Annual Dorothy J. MacLean Fellows Conference on Clinical Medical Ethics

The MacLean Center at the University of Chicago has prepared another world class conference on clinical medical ethics.  It is November 13 and 14.  It is free.

Panel 1: Ethics and Healthcare Economics 

  • Moderator: Mark Siegler
  • The True Cost of Hepatitis C Therapy (Andrew Aronsohn, The University of Chicago)
  • Ethics of Sustainability (Stacy Lindau, The University of Chicago)
  • Are There Ethical Standards For Health Insurance Companies? (David Rubin, The University of Chicago)
  • What’s Wrong With Healthcare Rationing (Peter Ubel, Duke University)
  • An Economic Analysis of Medical Ethics (Anup Malani, The University of Chicago)

Panel 2: Topics in Clinical Ethics 

  • Moderator: Lainie Ross
  • Ethical Issues in Organ Transplantation: Risk of Living Kidney: Donation in African-Americans (Dick Thistlethwaite, The University of Chicago)
  • When Altruism Goes Awry: Living Kidney Donors in End Stage Renal Disease (Lainie Ross, The University of Chicago)
  • How We Disagree: Unexpected Lessons on Professionalism from the Maintenance of Certification Debate (Lois Nora, American Board of Medical Specialties)
  • The Chart (David Schiedermayer, Medical College of Wisconsin)

Panel 3: Surgery 

  • Moderator: Peter Angelos
  • Surgical Ethics and the Future of Surgery (Peter Angelos, The University of Chicago)
  • Aligning patient preferences with high risk surgical treatments (Gretchen Schwarze, University of Wisconsin)
  • Pallative Reconstructive Surgery (Lawrence Gottlieb, The University of Chicago)
  • Ethics in the Operating Room (Alex Langerman, The University of Chicago)
  • Research on Organ Donors (Tracy Koogler, The University of Chicago)

Panel 4: Quality 

  • Moderator: Daniel Sulmasy
  • Quality Attestation in Clinical Ethics: Stepping Up (Eric Kodish, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Ethics of Hand Hygeine (Emily Landon, The University of Chicago)
  • From Ethics to President in Oklahoma (John Schumann, The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa)
  • Adherence to Altered Standards of Care in a Public Health Crisis (Valerie Gutmann Koch, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law)
  • Religion & Workplace Discrimination: Findings from a National Survey of Muslim Physicians (Aasim Padela, The University of Chicago)

Panel 5: Decision-Making/Disparities

  • Moderator: Monica Peek
  • Improving Shared Decision-Making with LGBT Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations (Marshall Chin, The University of Chicago)
  • Joint Deliberation as a Patient/Doctor Ideal (Daniel Brudney, The University of Chicago)
  • Shared Decision-Making Among African-Americans (Monica Peek, The University of Chicago)
  • Gender and Socioeconomic Disparities in Caregiving for Fragile X Syndrome (Harold Pollack, The University of Chicago)

Panel 6: Excellence in Ethics and Patient Care 

  • Moderator: Mark Siegler
  • Scaling Innovation: Lessons from Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (Peter Singer, University of Toronto)
  • Treating Moral Injuries of Veterans & Their Families (Niranjan Karnik, Rush University)
  • The Political Obstacles Toward Developing a Private Market in Organs (Richard Epstein, The University of Chicago)
  • On Making a Difference One Paragraph at a Time: From Oncologist to Guardian Coilumnist (Ranjana Srivastava, Monash Health)
  • Excellence in Ethics (Richard Gunderman, Indiana University)

Panel 7: The Past and Future of Clinical Ethics

  • Moderator: Marshall Chin
  • History and Ethics: U.S.

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