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Publishing Research Ideas

The newest science journal on the block with several unique twists is Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) ( RIO aims to publish a variety of outputs in the research cycle, not only the results of research. The journal will publish papers on ideas, proposals, methods, research results, and software. They also publish review articles, opinion pieces, data papers, software descriptions, workflows, data management plans, conference abstracts, single figure publications, project reports and much more. Their aim is to better use the efforts scientists spend on writing and evaluating research proposals and other products within the research cycle. RIO does have limits; they will not accept teaching lectures or materials, clinical trials, patient or other data that may be considered unethical, homeopathy, nuclear or bioweapons research, creationist or religiously motivated research, cryptozoology, and pseudoscience. The journal also has many other interesting aspects. While they are an open access journal, unlike others, they do not charge the typical high costs of thousands of dollars. The journal charges between 50 to a few hundred euros for most types of publications. Peer review is also optional and RIO relies on public scrutiny to promote transparent and public peer review. Expert driven peer review, typically done in most medical and science journals, however, can be done upon the author’s request. The typical review process for papers submitted to RIO includes several technical checks and an external pre-submission review from a colleague.

While all this sounds pretty good thus far, one of the major questions is whether scientists are willing to share good research ideas (Rabesandratana, 2015).

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