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Texas Advance Directives Act – Symposium

The August issue of the American Journal of Bioethics [15(8)] includes a target article and peer commentaries on the Texas Advance Directives Act.  

Here is an extract from the table of contents.   I am pleased to be included among these.

The Texas Advanced Directive Law: Unfinished Business
Michael Kapottos & Stuart Youngner
pages 34-38

Pining for Courts to Resolve Intractable Disputes Between Families and Physicians Is a Pipe Dream
John J. Paris & Andrew Hawkins
pages 39-40

The Texas Advance Directives Act: Must a Death Panel Be a Star Chamber?
Thaddeus Mason Pope
pages 41-43

Futility and Fairness: A Defense of the Texas Advance Directive Law
Nancy S. Jecker
pages 43-46

The Texas Advance Directives Act Is Not About Professional Integrity
Tom Tomlinson
pages 46-48

A Texas Perspective on TADA: Physician Autonomy and the Corporate Practice of Medicine Act
Craig M. Klugman & Brigid Sheridan
pages 48-49

The Unfinished Business of Developing Standards for End-of-Life Care: Leveraging Quality Improvement and Peer Review
Jeffrey T. Berger
pages 50-51

The Misleading Vividness of a Physician Requesting Futile Treatment
Colleen M. Gallagher, Jeffrey S. Farroni, Jessica A. Moore, Joseph L. Nates & Maria A. Rodriguez
pages 52-53

Professionally Responsible Clinical Ethical Judgments of Futility
Laurence B. McCullough
pages 54-56

TADA Is Still Unfair
Philip M. Rosoff
pages 56-58

Finishing the Texas Advance Directives Law
Chris Hackler
pages 58-60

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