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International Bioethics Summer School, 2015

Graduations always signify turning points; we’re so glad that our participants spent these past few weeks with us, and we hope they have learned a lot! We know we have! It is our hope that our students will take what they have learned through our summer program and apply it to their future endeavors, whatever they are. We also hope that we have inspired all of them to think creatively, consider all sides of an issue, and become more aware of the many bioethical issues that are part of our everyday lives.

We would like to thank especially the notable professors and professionals who have donated their time, energy, talents, and scholarship. We know how busy their schedules are so we truly appreciate them taking time out of their summer to come and lecture at our bioethics school. Many thanks to our President Dr. Charles Debrovner, our GBI board members, and of course, to the bright participants! We hope our paths will cross in the future as we all embark on our own journeys in the ever-expanding field of bioethics.
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