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Samadhi 4D Death Simulator

Last summer in Shenzhen, China, an amusement park opened the Samadhi 4D death simulator.  

Participants can experience what it’s like to get cremated and reborn in a uterus.  (CNNMotherboard)

Players compete in a series of challenges in which everyone is trying to avoid the ultimate penalty—death. Players who “die” in the game (and in the end, all the players die) are placed in a coffin, then carried to a large furnace via conveyor belt. The coffin is heated to 40 C (105 F), and a combination of hot air and light produce an “authentic experience of burning.”

After the cremation, players see a womb projected on the ceiling and hear a heartbeat. Soon, they see a bright light which they must crawl toward so that they might emerge in a are white, padded area, which is supposed to represent their rebirth.

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