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Forged Advance Directive Murder Case Going to Trial

Three years ago, I blogged about 47-year-old former Kansas City attorney Susan Van Note.  

She is accused of shooting her father in October 2010. He did not die from the shooting, but was taken to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri, where he was put on life support. 

Van Note is also charged with forgery for allegedly faking advance directive documents to have her father removed from life support.  Clinicians shut off the father’s ventilator and he died. But two persons listed as witnesses to William Van Note’s signature later admitted to detectives that Van Note brought the document to them after her father had already been shot. 
(Kansas City Star)

Van Note’s trial starts today.  She is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of forgery.  Jury selection begins at the Laclede County Courthouse.

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