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Baby Samuel – Court Vacates DNR over Mom’s Objections

In January, when Samuel Flaherty Irvin was less than a month old, the Arizona Department of Child Safety took him from his mother Fawn Flaherty due to  “child abuse, neglect.”  (KVOA)

Samuel was placed in a foster home for the medically fragile.  But later that month he choked when they were feeding him and went without oxygen for a prolonged period.  Samuel’s treating clinician recommended that he “not receive resuscitation efforts if he deteriorates.”  So, DCS got a Tuscon Judge to authorize a “do not resuscitate” order.   

But Fawn’s parental rights had not been terminated.  So, consistent with the law in other states, at the end of April, an appellate court vacated the “do not resuscitate” order.

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