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A pretty animated launch event

It’s been a few days now since the launch of our new report on children and clinical research but it is still keeping us busy, sending out materials and following up good conversations that were had on the day and that have happened since.

Our aim with this event was that it should embody the spirit of the report – that children and young people have important voices that should be heard! As well as giving the audience a quick fire summary of our main conclusions and recommendations, ably presented by Working Party members Vicki Marsh and Liz Davies, we wanted everyone to hear from some of the brilliant young people who have been involved throughout the project and who helped us write the report, turn it into a magazine and create an animation film.

Bobbie Farsides, Natasha Wilcock, Esme Lynch and Ellis Richardson

Listening to Natasha Wilcock, Esme Lynch and Ellis Richardson being interviewed by our Working Party chair Bobbie Farsides about the role of young people reviewing research, you could have almost suspected them of reading out scripted answers. Not one bit! Hearing from them throughout the project, it’s become absolutely clear (and shame on us if we were surprised!) that these and many other young people, both with and without personal experience of research, really are that thoughtful, eloquent and able to reflect critically both on complex research proposals, and about how they and their peers might relate to big questions and decisions about research (see, for example, our Youth-REC films).

Hannah Garnett, Evie Rothwell and Robin Blair who were part of a group that helped us plan, script and voice our animation were interviewed by our Senior Research Officer-turned-in-house reporter Kate Harvey.

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