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The Things We Do To Lose Weight

Want to lose weight? Then what are you going to do to try to accomplish your goal? Specifically, what will you do to change your eating habits?

Probably the best thing you can do – eating habit wise – to lose weight is to eat less food. But as you will see from this picture below, which I learned about thanks to Pierre Chandon (@pierrechandon, on Twitter), that’s not the primary strategy most people pursue. Instead they think about specific type of food ingredients, and try to cut down on them – ingredients like fats and sugar. Or they try to eat more healthy foods – foods like fruits and vegetables.

And while there are some interesting differences in approaches across the world, what I find even more interesting is how consistent these behaviors are almost no matter where you live:

The bottom line: people seem to think a lot more about what they eat rather than how much they eat. Which is a shame, because when it comes to dieting, less really is more.

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