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Starbucks to Raise Awareness about Death

I was really excited about this article before I realized it was April Fools Day.  A few excerpts:

“Mental health professionals have characterized our society’s denial of death as a kind of mass cultural psychosis, which leaves us feeling helpless and unprepared when it finally comes time to grapple with these existential issues. What better place to jumpstart this conversation than Starbucks?”

“Like its previous effort, the nationwide initiative centers on Starbucks baristas engaging customers in a conversation about death and dying in order to get them to reflect on their own mortality. Baristas will encourage customers to join in the discussion by writing the campaign catchphrase “We’re All Going to Die,” on cups at the point of sale. Additional elements include posters, counter displays, and standees invoking traditional representations of death from cultures around the world.”

“We are really trying to shake things up here, in a good way. That’s why I’m asking baristas to aggressively confront customers with the fact of their own mortality, even if it seems a little uncomfortable at first.”

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