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Religious freedom revisited

When I reflect on what has happened in Indiana since I wrote my post of last week I think that Mark McQuain was right in his comment that I was being overly optimistic in my statement “I hope that people will be able to see that upholding the fundamental principle of religious freedom is something that still should be important in our nation.” Since I wrote that statement the governor and legislature of Indiana gave in to economic threats from a number of large corporations and altered the Religious Freedom Restoration Act so that it would specifically not protect a person or business providing services from being coerced into providing services that went against their religious convictions if those wanting to be served were members of any protected group including those identified by their sexual orientation.

The events of the past week have reminded me that we live in a fallen world. It has made me think about how Christians should act in that fallen world. Here are some of the thoughts that have resulted from that reflection:
1. We should continue to express our best understanding of moral truth civilly, reasonably, and graciously, even if that means we may suffer as a result.
2. We should confess our own sins, the sins of other believers, and the sins of our nation, including those of unbelievers, before God, asking for forgiveness for us all.
3. We should trust in God’s sovereignty, love, and justice, remembering that we are not in control.
4. We should do what we can to protect and care for those who are weak and helpless, and show love to everyone, including those who oppose us.

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