Law, Religion, and Health in America

I am looking forward to participating in this conference in a few weeks at Harvard.

2015 Annual Conference
Law, Religion, and Health in America

May 8 – 9, 2015

Conference Description

Religion and medicine have historically gone hand in hand, but increasingly have come into conflict in the U.S. as health care has become both more secular and more heavily regulated.  Law has a dual role here, simultaneously generating conflict between religion and health care, for example through new coverage mandates or legally permissible medical interventions that violate religious norms, while also acting as a tool for religious accommodation and protection of conscience.  
This conference will: (1) identify the various ways in which law intersects with religion and health care in the United States; (2) understand the role of law in creating or mediating conflict between religion and health care; and (3) explore potential legal solutions to allow religion and health care to simultaneously flourish in a culturally diverse nation. 


Note: All keynote, plenary, and panel sessions will include time for Q & A.

Thursday, May 7: Pre-conference session: After Hobby Lobby: What Is Caesar’s What Is God’s?

As prelude to “Law, Religion, and Health in America,” please join us for a pre-conference session examining the role of religion in the American public sphere. Our expert panel will discuss the nature of conscience and conscientious objection, religious freedom, and religious accommodation from philosophical, theological, historical, legal, and political perspectives.  

4:00 – 6:00pm: Panel Discussion

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