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Almost 3 years ago I took a break from blogging. Well now I’m back.

I started PopBioethics for a simple reason: all these obscure, difficult ethical principles kept showing up in my day-to-day life. I couldn’t play a video game or watch a movie without bioethics showing up somehow.

Bioethics is still everywhere. If anything, it’s somehow more pervasive. Two of the biggest hashtags of the year were #BlackLivesMatter and #GamerGate. The Affordable Care Act became reality and we had a measles outbreak in DisneyLand. I feel like I could write a whole book just on the ethical issues illustrated in HBO’s Sunday night lineup.

There are no shortage of articles on these topics, but there is a shortage of discussion. One of the biggest failings of the Internet is that we have yet to come up with anything resembling a good system for discourse. Twitter is too short. Comment threads are too long, oddly managed, and either require a log in or full anonymity. Almost anything can be taken out of context and shared globally in an instant. Trolls, abuse, and lazy writing are everywhere. It’s time to up our game.

To that end, PopBioethics will be rebooted with three main goals:

  • Highlight and elevate interesting topics, voices, and perspectives in bioethics and culture
  • Create a space for discussion and debate
  • Continually seek out biases, fallacies, assumptions, and generalizations

I have some ideas as to how to make those a reality, but the whole thing is a work in progress.

For now, here are some things you can expect:

  • No comment section – got something to say?

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