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Abortion and Children’s Books

This week a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook which might be the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on the social media site: an article regarding a children’s book about abortion. The book itself, called “Sister Apple, Sister Pig,” can be found online here.

I find it difficult to even know where to begin this post. While the book does not outright say that abortion is a good thing, it seems to promote the idea that abortion is no big deal. The child in the book is attempting to understand what it means that you had a sister who was aborted before he was born. He has questions, but ultimately decided his sister is a “happy ghost.” He treats her as an invisible friend and his parents are content to let him do so.

What is most disturbing about this book is that it is not satirical in the least and is aimed directly toward children. It is propaganda that seeks to indoctrinate children on a complex issue. While it can be argued that parenting is essentially all indoctrination and that this book is no more akin to brainwashing than the Bible, it should still give people of all walks of life pause because it is making a serious statement about the value of human life.

There are something things that are (generally) harmless to teach children, regardless of their veracity: the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, that all dogs go to heaven, or that yelling is a bad thing.

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